Re-Engineering Laboratory

Reverse engineering is the process of digitizing mechanical parts to enhance and reproduce them through local manufactures & SMEs, where the process of re-engineering will help identify local manufacturing gaps to address SWCC’s needs & beyond.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision aims at reinforcing and diversifying the capabilities of the economy; turning key strengths into enabling tools that will help transition the kingdom from a customer-based economy to knowledge-based one.

In line with the vision’s initiative for spare part localization, reverse engineering (RE) became a rising domain of current interest. This interest came about to support local manufacturing and reduce ever-growing annual cost spent on spare parts that are being procured from overseas as part of the localization initiative.

SWCC seeks to take advantage of reverse engineering by enable the following:

  1. Replace obsolete, out-of-warrantee, and uncatalogued parts.
  2. Allow competition between local manufacturing companies.
  3. Contribute to SWCC’s localization initiative.
  4. Prototype projects to support SWCC’s initiatives