Water Technology Incubator

The Water Technology Incubator is working to form a better and productive entrepreneurial system at the Water Innovation Center. The company will be developing the infrastructure and corporate development aid to enhance the effectiveness and the outcomes of the incubator ventures.

The incubator will provide incubation program: (Pre-Incubation, Incubation, and Graduation).

Incubation Program Stages


New ideas and nascent entrepreneurs go through pre-incubation process to validate new products or services.

Pre-Incubation stage helps with developing business plan and build resources.

Facilitate a practical context to establish new venture or launch new products and services.


Build effective entrepreneurial community.

Required infrastructure and business development support to grow the incubated ventures.

Variety of services that upgrade the management capabilities of startups.

Link to national cluster or specific industry to develop new solutions.

Network with investors and other key stockholders to accelerate business growth.


After 2-3 year of utilizing incubation services, startups at this stage have become self-sustained and able to build internal team to operate the business.

Remain within the community of the incubators and participate in events and networking activities.