Saudi Water Innovation Centre is going to provide opportunities for the startups through the following:

Incubation Programs:

  1. Pre-Incubation.
  2. Incubation.
  3. Graduation stages.

Three Acceleration Programs:

  1. SWICC Innovation Program.
  2. Research Program
  3. Water Technology Program.

Innovation assets:

  1. Laboratories.
  2. Research and development

The incubation programs are formed to fulfill the startup’s needs. In short, these programs are dynamic to the start-ups and the ecosystem.

Yes, we are aiming to help each entrepreneur who works in the water industry to enhance the efficiency of the incubator’s output by creating a national innovative, energetic and synergistic environment that increase the rate of business development in the kingdom.

Unfortunately, Saudi Water Innovation Centre is concerned with technical projects in the water industry. 

You can apply through the fill in the form online.

We are going to response within ten working days.

Yes, if the conditions are met more than one idea/project can be registered.

Yes, we are welcoming any innovative project in the water field even if the project incubated in various programs.

In case there are job vacancies for Saudi Water Innovation Centre, we will announce that in our official channels.