Discovering Solutions to Transform the Water Industry for a Sustainable Future

About us

The major motivation and drive are provided by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia to form a robust and dynamic economy. It is made possible by:

  • Elevating the commercial sector by increasing the vacancies and employment
  • Providing a healthy environment to the startups and SMEs

Water Technology Incubator

The Water Technology Incubator is working to form a better and productive entrepreneurial system at the Water Innovation Center. The company will be developing the infrastructure and corporate development aid to enhance the effectiveness and the outcomes of the incubator ventures.

Water Innovation Network

Saudi Water Innovation Network aims to promote and develop business growth in the Kingdom through promoting innovation in the water industry, optimizing manufacturing practices, filling gaps in SMEs and other practices that will drive the economy and improve the business environment in the Kingdom.

Re-Engineering Laboratory

The process of digitizing mechanical parts to enhance and reproduce them through local manufactures & SMEs, where the process of re-engineering will help identify local manufacturing gaps to address SWCC’s needs & beyond.

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